On the 15th of September, El Cambio turned 4 years old. A lot of things have happened since we started back in 2018. We have dramatically grown in the number of players we have. Starting from seven players back in 2018, we have now currently 38 players at El Cambio Academy. History has been made as one our players, Isaac, has been given the opportunity to start a new life in America on a full 4 year scholarship. The number of staff members, volunteers and interns has also grown within the last four years.

We celebrated the birthday with all the players and staff, where some local Ugandan dancers and musicians performed at El Cambio. The kids loved it and had a great time laughing and dancing. Afterwards they were separated in groups, where they participated in different games and activities. They were spread out all over the academy and team spirit and enthusiasm were in focus. The celebration ended outside in the sun with a big cake, good atmosphere, and music.

We are looking forward to seeing what the next four years will bring. We have a lot of big and exciting things on the horizon and we can’t wait to show you all! Happy birthday!

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