The Academy

A unique vision

Make an impact

We use football as a tool with the aim of having a long-term social impact in Uganda.

Once our players join our academy in Masaka, the become part of an environment that focuses on more than football.

We aim to build strong characters and provide them all with more opportunities thanks to a focus on school.
future role models

Giving back

Students with strong characters can perform at the highest level regardless of the situation they find themselves in.

An important component of that is giving back to others with your knowledge like Isma did in this video.
Satellite academies

Even more impact

We seek to impact the lives of as many young people as possible. This is why we have satellite academies.

With these smaller academies, we are able to provide coaches all over Uganda with equipment (balls, cones, bibs etc.) and football training knowledge.

We also visit them regularly to keep them inspired to continually grow their footballing knowledge.
El Cambio Academy satellite system

Featured on Ugandan TV

Thomas Thor visited the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) for an hour-long interview in the The Score, together with our players Jobson and Isma.

Our partners