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Our Story

Episode 1

The Past

Based in Uganda, our football academy is focused on making a change in the lives of the athletes who join us and their communities. In the first episode of the series, find out more about our humble beginnings.

Episode 2

The Future

We are happy with the progress of the academy since it was founded. We however have big plans and are always looking to take El Cambio Academy to the next level.

Our aim is to keep dreaming bigger and working tirelessly so that we continue. By doing so, we will extend the impact that our organization has in the community and help as many children reach their full potential.

Feel inspired? Why not join us on our journey.


Future African Leaders

In this documentary, we learn more about the girls at El Cambio Academy.

Get a better insight into their background, lives, dreams and aspirations to become the new generation of African role models.

The Journey

Part 1

How it all began

Get to know Thomas, the founder of El Cambio Academy in Uganda. In this first part of our documentary Thomas explains his reasons to start an academy 7.000 kilometers away from home.

Part 2

Godfreys desire to make a change

In this part of the documentary we will introduce you to Godfrey, who is our physiotherapist at the academy. Godfrey tells his reasons to become a physiotherapist and the change he wants to make for kids in Uganda.

Part 3

Nurturing future African leaders is our vision

We work hard for our students to succeed in either football or education, so that they will be able to give back in the future to their country and local community. With our purpose driven character program our kids are well aware to support others now and in the future.

Patrick says it well while he motivates the kids at his former football academy: “Just keep going, one day you will make it. Don’t give up!”
Part 4

It is a good family

ECA is more than just a football academy – it is a home with love and support for everyone.

In this video you can for instance hear Isma talking about the change he experienced after he arrived at El Cambio Academy!
Part 5

A closer insight

In this video you see a local cab driver from Uganda called Robert. He gives a touching insight of his perception of foreigners and Ugandan football culture.

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