We are continuously putting a lot of effort towards the academy’s development and progression. A big part of fulfilling our vision is to increase the number of players and provide even more kids with an opportunity to become a future African leader.

For this reason we will have 30 kids, both boys and girls, on tryout the next month at ECA. When we are having kids on a tryout we are looking for different qualities and characteristics. This implies their potential on the football pitch, their level in school and last but not least, their character and the way they behave.

As proclaimed earlier in this newsletter, we hope to accept at least 10 new players to ECA this year. Hopefully many of these will be found amongst the 30 kids currently on tryout.

If you want to get a closer look at our tryouts, then we suggest that you follow along on our social media platforms. Find them by clicking the buttons below:

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