El Cambio means "the change"


Make a change

Future role models

El Cambio is Spanish for “the change”.



All attending our academy on full scholarships after a rigorous recruitment procession. Our aim is to grow our impact and welcome more students. Starting in 2021, we will welcome girls into our unique academy.


satellite academies

This is part of our philosophy of giving back to our community. We actively support these satellite academies by regularly providing them with training clinics and equipment.

The Process


Our scouting team assesses thousands of athletes on a yearly basis. The potential recruits are evaluated on three criteria: how good of a footballer they are, their ability to learn and their character.


Once a player passes the initial selection process, they are brought in for a trial at our academy. During their stay with us which can go up to 3 weeks, they will go through further testing to assess their footballing level, education aptitude and character. The time spent at the academy allows us to observe the players in our environment. This will help us in making our final decision.

New El Cambio Academy player earns scholarship


We will then offer 8-year scholarships to some of the players to join our academy. This means that all expenses will be paid for during this time and they will have access to our world-class education, football and character programs.

Our philosophy

  • Education

    Education is a key pillar to everything that we do at our academy. All of our students have to also perform in the classroom.

  • Football

    We strongly believe that with our coaching experience and footballing philosophy, we can create world-class athletes.

  • Character

    Our goal through our unique character development program is to build strong characters and shape the minds of Africa's future role models.

Our partners