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ECA Club to improve education


ECA Club’s purpose is to improve the educational conditions of the students at the El Cambio Academy.


 For just $242 per year* your company can support us.

The money will be solely dedicated to improving the education at the academy.

*No commitment and the amount is valid for a year. 

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In 2021, your contribution of $242 will go towards:

• Payment of private tutors at the academy
• Scholarships
• School materials
• School uniforms
• Transport to school

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ECA Club gives your company the opportunity to:

• Become a part of ECA's network
• Be featured on our website
• Permission to use the ECA club logo on your own channels
• Receive a certificate of support for ECA club

UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Development Goals

ECA Club support the UN’s World Goals, Goal 4, which will ensure equal access for all to quality education and promote everyone’s opportunities for lifelong learning.


If your company wishes to participate in improving the educational conditions for the students at El Cambio Academy, then submit your company information below.

For more information, send us an email:

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