Our Education Dream

How is it today?

Today all clases in Uganda are filled with up to 80-120 students.

The students are taught by only one single teacher.

They are studying for 10 hours a day from very early morning.

These conditions are just not fair for anyone.


What are we reaching for?

We would like to create a modern school with classes up to maximum 16 students.

All classes will have one teacher that has been well educated with a personality and a passion to create creative methods of thinking education.

Within 6 years we would like to reach 100 students divided into 10 age groups studying for 6 hours a day with highest possible quality to it.

We will have teachers from abroad coming to inspire our locals to improve their knowledge how to drive a modern creative school.


The future

When some of our best students turn 15 years old, they will benefit from the possibility to come to America.
The academy will in the future have strong relations to private American high schools.
These high schools offer our most clever students a full 4 year scholarship.
After finishing their highschool years the students would be in line to receive full 4 yearscholarship with a college.
This way our most skilled students has the potentiel to forfill their potential and dreams.
Some of our students wont have the academic level to go abroad but by far enough to continue their studies in the capital Kampala at the universities.

This way we have brought the students to the highest Ugandan level possible making them able to seize their dreams.