Do you as a family wants to have an extraordinary experience together?



Several times a year, we welcome Danish tourists.

Experience the El Cambio Academy and Uganda in the autumn of 2017! We now offer a unique opportunity.

In the autumn of 2018 you can travel with a group of Danes and visit our Uganda Academy.

We will provide a unique experience for you as a group, an individual and in interaction with our employees and players.

You’ll be able to feel and sense the Ugandan culture at close range and surely spend a lot of hours with our boys at the academy – always in 25 degrees or above.

All in all we’ll be together for 12 days, staying at the same hotel with which we cooperate and therefore ensure you a big discount.


The combined price for such an experience is as follows:

Flight ticket: 680 USD

10 days stay: 255 USD (hotel and food – yes it is very cheap)

Donation to ECA: 160 USD (for us to organize and guide you during your stay)

Visa: 50 USD (the amount in US dollars is withdrawn from home and visa will be issued on your arrival in Uganda)

Petrol for use of the Academy’s bus: 30 USD (transport to and from the airport as well as everyday driving)

In total only: 1.175 USD ALL INCLUSIVE !!

In addition, any vaccines and safaris of your choice.


A similar trip to Africa usually costs at least twice as much.


What is more, this trip offers you a local insight and the opportunity to combine your interest in football.

Among other things, you will meet several parents of the players and see our newly purchased land where the Academy’s large complex will be built.

You will experience local markets, academy training and matchs, education as well as local neighborhoods and the capital Kampala.

We assure you that the experience of the country and the continent will be an experience for life.


The dates are shown below:

Wednesday 11 / 10 — Departure day

Thursday 12 / 10

Friday, 13 / 10

Saturday 14 / 10

Sunday 15 / 10

Monday 16 / 10

Tuesday, 17 / 17

Wednesday 18 / 10

Thursday, 19 / 10

Friday, 20 / 10

Saturday 21 / 10

Sunday 22 / 10 — Return Day


Should you be interested in – perhaps with family or friends – learning more about this option, please contact Thomas Thor at either email: or phone: 60602491.


We must have your prior approval by Monday, 1 / 7-2018.



If 12 days are a few days too much, its easy for us to shorten your trip.

If the period doesn’t suit you, we are also open for a similar trip during the summer vacation.

Contact us, we’ll look at the opportunites together.


Travel Greetings from El Cambio Academy