El Cambio Academy has a clear soccer philosophy.

El Cambio Academy has a clear soccer philosophy.

We strongly believe that we can create world class soccer players.


Because of several reasons.


The African people has a strong mentality in many ways.

Nothing has been given to them easily.

They work hard knowing that this might be their only path in life to gain financial stability.

Our academy has the possibility to scout among millions of African children already from the age of nine.
This makes us in a position of having very high talented soccerplayers for a perioud of an eight-year program.


The El Cambio Academy network holds major coaching experience from around the world.
Furthermore it holds some worldclass players still playing and some retired.
This way we ensure the level of knowledge is at it highest.

We know exactly what kind of environment we want to create to develop young players to form very strong characters.
This passion is build into our character program that will have a deep impact also on the field.
This way our main target is to develop players who are recognized by their style of playing.
They will become entertaining, specialised, happy and brave players, that stands out from the crowd.
They will make the positive difference in a game because they know they have the quality to do so and they are willing to take the risk of making mistakes.

We have some of the best mental coaches attached to this program that ensures the proces and direction.
Furthermore we have coaches picked out with specific personalities that share the passion and philosophy of a specific way of leading young boys.

We would like to have a healthy, competetive soccer department where we all try to become the best possible person, player or coach.

We are working hard on our own and always supported by others.


The ECA environment should be known for these following statements:

● We all want to be respected in a safe environment.
● We demand a very high effort from everyone.
● We all should be at our top mental capacity.
● We are allowed to make mistakes with high intensity.
● We are brave to rethink the game and methods of leadership.


By having all components set in place we hope that we can make the players dreams come true.
To become profesional soccer players playing for an audience, entertaining people and making a difference for themself, their team and their home community in Uganda.


Now how would we like to train and play the game?

We would like to be dominating with the ball by developing players with the neccesaraly skills and confidence to recieve, protect and be creative with the ball.
The demands for the future in soccer are sky high.
Our players needs to have a combination of outstanding mentality, overall game understanding, playing intelligence, speed, core, balance and technique.
A huge job are waiting us – and we are excited.


Our main focus is to develop individual players that are happy, brave, creative and entertaining.

Players that are an inspiration to watch for others.
We are creating players individually not teams to compete in the future.


When that is said creating high teamspirit is important for us in the way of having both social support and high demands in the team to increase the individual project.
Furthermore our teams will be competing at the highest level when they travel abroad to get the right matching in the future.
Here we are in it to win it.
Our teams need to stick together to achieve these great results.
Finally the individual player should be able to adapt to different teams in the future when they start their career outside Uganda.
Being able to adapt to a team and the understanding of what that means, makes it easier to contribute with their qualaties individually and at the same time adding positive to the teamspirit.
This they learn already in a early age.


Duration and sessions

We are on the field practising in the team for 75 minutes four days a week.

Our training sessions will be diveded into two different areas.
Either we are having a very high intensity sessions where we demand the highest possible physical effort of the players where they have no time to relax.
The drills and training are set up to be very effective.

Or we can operate with low intensity sessions where our main focus are on reflecting exercises to improve their knowdlege of the game, themselfes, the teammates or opponents.
Often these two areas appears in the same session.
But always divided so that the coaches and players know exactly which kind of focus they are having and what is expected of them.
They know when to play – and when to think.


Off training soon we will do fitness conditioning exercises and yoga so that we build up athletes that has a clear refreshing and healthy mind.
One extra very important add on is the players individual training sessions two times 30 minutes a week.
This is done on the field with highest dedication.
Each player chooses his own area he wants to improve, sometimes after having a conversation with the coaches.


Each weekend we have a game for each agegroup.
This is for all of us to see what the individual players need to work on.
This is not about winning but how we can push this one player even more to his limit.
We are having a playing philosophy that might leed us having goals concided or games lost.
That is a part of a long life development proces.
In the long run we are sure that if we put these players in tough situations day in and out that are hard to handle and accomplish one day they will find a way out and therefore be able to solve the most hard situations in the future.
That is what it is all about.
The game consists of millions of situations and decisions that the players need to respond to very quickly.

The players are off training two days a week.
One is totally off and the other is for mental development or for cleaning the facilities or buildings.