El Cambio Academy 2.0

A new beginning in nurturing potential into role models in Uganda.

Seven months ago, we decided to restructure the ownership at El Cambio Academy and end a faulty collaboration. The past seven months we have been working hard behind the scenes to strike up a new and improved El Cambio Academy. We will in the coming weeks and months be delivering many good news to our supporters, partners and followers.

First and foremost, we want to thank all the many partners and supporters that have helped us in the first two years of our adventures here in Uganda. We look forward to your continuous support in our new sustainable organization.

In the past seven months, we have continued our activities with elementary schools in Denmark, by giving them a behind the scenes cultural exchange. We have also established new and important networks and collaborations that will assist in the future development of El Cambio Academy in its new form.

So far, we have:

  • Established an NGO with a competent board of five Ugandans and four Danes.
  • Moved to a safer location in New Kumbu, close to Masaka city center.
  • Connected with +60 satellite academies around rural Uganda.
  • Visited 25 of these academies and delivered football equipment and knowledge.
  • Hired five passionate Ugandans that will manage most of the day to day activities at the academy.
  • Welcomed two new volunteers, Frederik Joshua Engholm Nielsen and Simon Købke.
  • Welcomed our Danish board member and Marketing Manager, Maria Bonnerup, who will be here for three months and work on optimizing and developing the marketing initiatives and consult on the administration.
  • Welcomed two new interns from the Sports Management bachelor program at Copenhagen Business Academy. They will be with us for three months and help develop the coming marketing and partnership strategies.
  • Dennis Deleuran, from Brøndby IF, for a one-year volunteer contract as the Head of Football and Talent Development.

Shortly we will be welcoming the first 12 talents to the new academy house in New Kumbu.

Keep an eye on our website, social media platforms and our hashtag #ECAgoodnews, where we will give you more in-depth updates on the above-mentioned accomplishments and deliver more exciting news as milestones are met and new collaborations are formed.

Our mission is still the same and our passion has not deterred. We are here to nurture potential into role models and will continue to do so for many years to come.