Come play us at our Academy!

In 2020 it will be possible for your team to go play our players at the academy in Uganda!

How would it be for your son and his teammates to go travelling Africa while playing the best Ugandan players?

How would it be to combine soccer with pure exploration of another continent with safaritours, local markets and riverrafting?

If this sound like a special offer you are right.

El Cambio Academy ensures you the perfect experience for both children and adults.

This offer is only for teams of an ECA supporting club.

Now you have been helping us – now its time for us to give back.

If your club is not a part of the ECA network you can sign up by following this link:

Club Supporters

For our supporting clubs you can sign up already now and then we welcome your team in 2020!

Please contact us any time for more information by writing us an email: