Coaching Philosophy

Why are we playing soccer in the first place?

Most of us started playing because it was so much fun.
We started playing in the streets, in the garten, in the livingroom – everywhere – sometimes alone – sometimes with friends.
Having the ball on our feets felt great – and later on getting to experience how commitment makes you improve and how teamkohesion makes you work for a higher cause maked us love the game of soccer.

We are sure that we all want the fun to continue forever.

We want to experience the feeling of pure happiness with the ball, the improvements in our own game and achieving victories together with others.
A unic combination of all three components set in place makes this “The beautiful Game”.

Is it possible to retain the funny fundament of playing soccer when you are having an elite setup?
Do we actually have a conflict here?

Here at El Cambio Academy we strongly believe we can do it.

We would like to develop an environment where our coaches have the understand of why they play a very important role creating great conditions for player development. Our next step is to develop our coaches how to be the main key to create what we believe is the best possible environment for our players by leading in a positive, respectfull, caring and demanding way which leads to players who are save and hungry at the same time.

So many areas has to be covered to accomplish this for the coaches.

Leadership education and the raw personality are the main components to be able to create these environments.
Our coaches will be chosen by their personalities and educated through our character program.

We would like to have a healthy, competetive soccer department where we all try to become the best possible person, player or coach.
We are working hard on our own and always supported by others.