Academy story

Welcome to Africa.

Welcome to Uganda and welcome to Masaka.
With approximately 40 million people the central african country also called by the name of the “pearl of africa” is a natural land of beauty.
This very unique country contains several tourist attractions such as the largest lake on the african continent “Lake Victoria”, and safari parks with spectacularaire scenearies and animals.

This combined with what Winston Churchills once said “the variety of form and color” makes Uganda as the “Pearl of Africa”.

Despite the natural riches and beauty, poverty is still a major obstacle in Uganda.

51% of the population live below the poverty line.

Many families are in need of help.


El Cambio Academy has now bought a brand new land equals to 13 soccerfields, ready to build their soccer complex holding multiple soccer fields, a high standard school, dormitories, kitchen and more to come.