ECA Education

We would like to build up:


A Ugandan school

We want to build a school that has a curriculum and approach that meets the standards in Uganda and allows ours students to qualify for further education in Uganda.
The school is responsible for providing our students with knowledge of their country and various communities.
A school with an international outlook, that prepares them for life in a globalized world.
They need to learn critical thinking skills that will allow them to independently seek for knowledge and inspiration beyond their national context.
English is the school’s official language and guest teachers from various countries will be a regular part of everyday life.


A democratic school
The school management should, as role models, focus on inspiring a democratic approach with room for diversity. The students will largely be able to influence – and thus take responsibility for – their own lives and their own education.


A school with reflexive students
Students at the school are invited and encouraged to find solutions rather than to learn answers. They should be encouraged to work independently and in groups with relevant interdisciplinary problems. The school must create the framework for the students to be strong characters with attitudes and courage.


A school with age-related lessons
On the field we will use age-related training where the training’s theme, complexity and organization takes into account childrens social, cognitive and physical development. This must of course also be used in the school, where the latest research on child development and learning should be seen in the daily practice.


A theoretical school
Students will have a significantly stronger theoretical professionalism. This will be achieved through close cooperation with international partners and use of guest lecturers in various disciplines.


A practical school
Students must through own projects learn to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. Typically, in projects that give practical shape to the school and our community for good. The school should also teach young people practical skills and crafts that in Uganda is part of everyday life.


A school with quality over quantity
We want first and foremost a school that throughout the work focuses on creating quality over quantity. Quality can’t be measured in the amount of training hours or an average of test scores, but can be seen in the school’s ability to provide a good framework for character development.


The future

When some of our best students turn 15 years old, they will benefit from the possibility to continue their education in the United States.
The academy will in the future have strong relations to private American high schools.
These high schools offer our most clever students a full 4 year scholarship.
After finishing their highschool years the students would be in line to receive full 4 yearscholarship with a college.
This way our most skilled students have the potential to fulfill their potential and dreams.
Some of our students wont have the academic level to go abroad but by far enough to continue their studies in the capital Kampala at the universities.


This way we have brought the students to the highest Ugandan level possible making them able to seize their dreams.